First Aid Kit Large

  • First Aid Kit Large

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art. 044930
First Aid Kit Large
The First Aid Kit Large is a very extensive first aid kit filled with the company medics A package. The First Aid kit includes a wall holder so that the first-aid kit can be mounted on the wall and is easy to find.

The sterile products (bandage, compresses, etc.) of the First Aid Kit are provided with an expiration date which is stated on the product. The expiration date of the products has an average of 4 years.

Check the first-aid kit regularly for completeness and expiration of the articles. This way you always know for sure that the first aid kit is ready for use. If you do not have a list of contents of the first-aid kit, you can always find it below and check your first-aid kit based on this list.

In the First Aid Kit Large, you can find a colour guide which names various injuries. For each injury, it is indicated which First Aid must be offered. Also, the colours of the package required correspond to the colours indicated on the Color Guide.

This First Aid Kit contains a basis for most common first aid proceedings
2Quick wound bandage 6x8 cm flat model
4Quick wound bandage EU 6x8 cm rolled up
2Quick wound bandage EU 8 x 10 cm rolled up
1Quick wound bandage EU 10x12 cm rolled up
4Quick synthetic batting 3 m x 10 cm
10Quick gauzes 5x5 cm per piece
10Quick gauzes 10x10 cm per piece
2Quick metaline compress 8x10 cm
2Quick metaline compress 10x12 cm
1Safe Kiss breathing cloth
1Vinyl gloves packed per pair
1Splinter tweezers stainless steel 8 cm
1Lister Bandage scissors 14 cm stainless steel
3Three-sided cloths non-woven
3Elastic hydrophilic bandage 6 cm x 4 m
3Elastic hydrophilic bandage 8 cm x 4 m
2Quick universal wrap 8 cm x 5 m
2Quick universal wrap 10 cm x 5 m
1Adhesive plaster 2.5 cm x 5m
2Sets of 3 safety pins 
1Assortment of wound plaster Quick 30 pieces
16 Quick sterile gauzes 1/16 cm each
1ESE disinfectant 10 ml
1Colour guide for First Aid

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