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IXI Atmospheric table service

  • IXI Atmospheric table service

available within 7 to 9 business days
art. 808001
IXI Atmospheric table service
We are supplier of IXI table lighting. With IXI atmospheric table lighting, your employees can see at a glance whether there are guests who require service. As a result, they work faster and more efficiently, and your guests are served faster. The guest no longer has to wave to attract attention and you therefore no longer miss an order or .. turnover. In addition, the IXI mood lighting reduces costs because we offer our concept cheaper than your regular table lighting (candles etc.). The cost of a light is only €1 per week (only €4 per month). But as said…. the strength of IXI lies not only in the pricing, but above all in the idea behind it. IXI is unique in this regard and as a catering entrepreneur you make the difference. If you understand it, any explanation is superfluous.
What do you get in return?
- Savings compared to your current costs
- Efficient deployment of employees
- More income
- Happy guests
- Unique personalized look and a cozy atmosphere
Of course we provide optimal service and guarantee the quality of the IXI. If any terrace is temporarily cleared outside, we will come and collect the unnecessary lamps and place them in our "winter storage". Of course you do not pay these months. In view of the costs of regular table lighting, you save and if you decide to use advertisers on the lamp, this will yield another € 1 to € 2 per lamp, given the experiences of other catering establishments. I.e; savings + extra revenue The convenience and the extra income because guests 'sit' more relaxed, the savings on personnel costs because employees no longer make 'empty' meters and the savings on cleaning and switching on the current lighting, are not yet included. The experiences of fellow entrepreneurs show that the turnover per table increases… due to the accelerated service, people still take an extra cup of coffee. Of course we are happy to provide you with a test placement and, of course, if you agree, we can make agreements about any printing(s) or personalization of the lamp.

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